This is the most common and standard surface type among FRP gratings. It is suitable for use against slipping in many environments, including wet and greasy conditions. FRP Gratings doesn't rust or rot. They are resistant to impacts, stretch and regain their former shape under overloads.Compared to metal counterparts, shipping costs are less, see more details about FRP Gratings.
H25 Grating
Covered gratings are created by combining flat surface gratings with a solid composite plate. These gratings are perfect for places where you don't want gaps in the flooring. For instance, they work well in pits, to cover cables, or as walkways. They can be used to create safe walkable areas in places like construction sites, near lakes, in factories, or on rough, slippery surfaces where you can't easily build platforms. Because they have closed tops, they're stronger than regular grating. So, they're a smart choice for various situations where you need a sturdy, gap-free surface.
Covered Frp Gratings