FRP Dielectric Insulating Mat

FRP Dielectric Insulting Mat

Protective materials in the category of electrical and energy insulation are the most important equipment among them, and FRP Composite mats that provide 100% insulation are produced from fiberglass-reinforced FRP Composite grids. Insulated mats, which can be prepared in the size you need, are safe and protective against high currents. They are flexible, durable, non-slip, and resistant to water, moisture, and chemicals.

In terms of occupational safety rules, insulated carpets, which are made mandatory by law, can be safely used in medium and high voltage areas, in front of machinery, in power plants, and in front of electrical panels, wherever there is electricity.

Advantage of Dielectric Insulation:;

Produces floor solutions that comply with OHS conditions with structures that do not conduct electricity. Dielectric is insulating and is generally preferred in front of electrical panels and in channel solutions where electricity transmission is not desired.